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We believe in order to be the best that the interests of the customer come 1st.

Wherever practical we recycle and responsibly source our packaging.  

Fish and Chips has been a favourite food of the population for over 150 years and we are 'proud' to be part of that tradition. We adhere to the  highest standards in food hygene & work practices.

We purchase our fish from sustainable fishing grounds ensuring that the fish we use is of the highest quality, from well managed stocks . Conservation in the fishing industry is very important to us and responsible purchasing is part of our business!
In 2010 our sector celebrated 150 years of the marriage of fish & chips and we believe it is in the interest of future generations for us to take responsibilty and ensure this national meal stays as part of our staple diet. 

Our Haddock and Cod is supplied to us by 4 suppliers, ensuring 'Premium' quality. We buy 'the best' not the cheapest.

Our potatoes are sourced locally - our main varieties are 'Sagitta & 'Maris Piper' providing excellent 'Taste and Colour' being crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy inside.
'Consistency' is our 'buy' word.

General information for customers:

Just a little information to let you know that we at 'Pride of Bridlington' and responsible people in the fishing industry have always taken a commitment to protect future availability of supplies through sustainable fishing and purchasing of stock.

We know there are growing concerns about the level and sustainability of fish stocks in particular certain species, this is why 'closed fishing policies' have been and are increasingly in place today.

We now know that the situation was well managed and similar policies in the Barents Sea and conservation measures put in place by countries like Iceland and Norway, as well as others, mean we will continue to sustain and to receive, excellent quality stocks of fish from these areas.

Norway, where most of our fish is sourced, has a policy of 'No Discards'.

If you have any comments/questions, I would be pleased to try and answer them or research them, if I do not know the answer!

'Seafish' offer a wide range of resources for those looking for information on sustainable seafood -


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