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Premium quality Fish and Potatoes are freshly prepared daily in the shop at The Pride of Bridlington from 7.30am.

Our Mushy Peas are prepared traditionally by soaking overnight.
We cook them fresh each day together with our Curry and Gravy.

Our fish is sourced from sustainable well managed fishing grounds and logs are kept to ensure the quality and monitor the supply chain related to the produce we purchase, protecting stocks for future generations.  

Pride of Bridlington fish and potatoes are sourced from quality suppliers, (our current potato supplier has been supplying us for over a decade). We ensure consistency through regular checks and the close relationships we have developed with our suppliers, which means together we put the customer 1st.

Wet_Prep_1Fish is skinned, boned and cleaned and potatoes are peeled, eyed and prepared each day for the frying sessions.

We have strict regimes to ensure 1st class hygene is adhered to and 'pride' ourselves on our thoroughness.

Our frying range and pans are kept in optimum condition and daily routines check the condition of the frying media, food holding cabinets/heaters, baine marie's and refrigeration.

Walk_in_Freezer_2 Storage regimes are in place to maintain fast rotation of stock and temperature controls are constantly maintained to ensure the safe management of dry and wet goods.
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